We help you go digital with rural communities

Mudzi makes it easier to manage real-time data and insights while you are working with rural communities and local partners.

How it works

Digital tools and community readiness to enable a better future, faster and together

Collect Inputs

Real-time data collection with WhatsApp-enabled surveys. Use our digital networks or use your own contacts from Salesforce.

Analyze Data

Real-time data analysis and insights based on targeted inputs via Google Sheets and Tableau.

Visualize Impact

Real-time GPS mapping and data visualization to show your outcomes with Google Maps and Esri.

Share Insights

Real-time data and insights sharing at any time during your rural development workflows via Slack.

Secure Payments

Secure mobile payments to fairly compensate individuals for their time and inputs.


As part of our digital toolset for rural development, we are committed to playing a primary role in digital literacy and readiness from the ground up.

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Rural Development Happens Together

We are excited to get you started with our Real-Time Data App
and empower rural communities from the inside, out.

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