Ground Up Data, Insights, and Context Matter

Mudzi makes it easier to launch your programs and projects from the ground up with rural communities in Africa. Let's spark change together.

Our Product

Introducing a digital toolset that makes your rural development workflows easier


Easily reach new communities digitally to determine where to go next with your social and economic impact solutions.


Coordinate your project and program launches with local field team members and community leaders via WhatsApp.


You no longer need to go door to door to reach people to get their feedback and insights.


Program evaluation surveys, data collection and analysis, and share outcome reports immediately via Slack to your teams

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Who we are

Unlocking the Power of Data and Insights from the Ground Up

Our vision is to accelerate social and economic growth from the ground up. We are building digital tools and community readiness to enable a better future, faster and together.

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There is a huge opportunity to bring technology-enabled solutions to help create a brighter future. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranking 132 out of 167 countries.
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Rural Development Happens Together

We are excited to get you started with our Real-Time Data App
and empower rural communities from the inside, out.

Our Projects

Here are the projects that we've done with Chief Maria and other communities in Malawi.

Kaninga Village

Kaninga village is located east of Kasungu district in Sub Traditional Authority Kapichira, about 80 kilometers from district headquarters....

Chiwera Village

In 2019, we piloted our first school infrastructure + solar-powered water system at Kayereka Primary School with friends, buildOn, and Formidable Joy...

Madzieyera Village

In 2020, we continued our school infrastructure + solar-powered water system approach at Madziayera Primary School impacting 416 learners and 5 teachers.
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